Designing and manufacturing of High Fidelity audio systems.

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The first production of our company "Golden Middle" from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, was established in 1996.
We design and build our tube amps and transformers with a musician approach to science.
We try to discover entirely new tube operating characteristics to measure then to invent ways of using them in operating circuits of amplifiers with the sound we expected.
Let's make sound together!

Observe safety precautions when working with high voltage!

"Golden Middle" gives a limited warranty for all products:
(after receiving & according technical specifications)
- amplifiers - 12 months;
- transformers and chokes - 12 months;
- vacuum tubes - 90 days.

Please feel free to contact us!

We can be contacted by any one of the following e-mail:

If you don't include a subject line that is related to the range of products that we provide,
your email will likely be treated as SPAM and deleted.

We shipp products worldwide!

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